‘I wish Ebonyi Was Called ‘Wawa’ State; And Our Govt House Called ‘Wawa’ Government House’ – Reverend Awonge

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Reverend Joseph Awonge of the Living Faith Church {Winners Chapel} Abakaliki, says the four letter word, ‘Wawa’ is a common language amongst the original Abakaliki people and parts of Enugu State, and that of Nsukka which means ‘No’

Reverend Awonge stated this during a chat with ‘Wawa Tv’ on street Talk in Abakaliki.

His words……….

‘’Wawa means No! An Abakaliki man when you tell him let’s go and steal, he says, ‘Wawa’ {meaning no! no!} When you ask him let’s go and kill, he will tell you Wawa {No!} I am not interested. Wawa is a word used to resist a particular offer that is not pleasing to such a person’’.

‘’It was more popular before now as Ebonyi and Enugu liaison offices were called ‘Wawa’ houses reflecting the states as ‘Wawa’ States’’

‘’Many people misunderstand the word ‘Wawa’ to depict an Abakaliki man. Anyone who sees or uses the word ‘Wawa’ to insult does not understand the essence and meaning of the word which means an objection to an invitation to do evil’’

Rev Awonge further recast his memory on a publication credited to late Odumegwu Ojukwu to insult his father-inlaw, Late C C Onoh, after they had a political clash which led him to describe politicians from the area as ‘Wawa’ political torn coats.

Awonge lamented the internal segregation among the ‘Wawa’ people themselves which according to him had made others to refer their own brothers as ‘Wawa’ di ‘Wawa’ n’ime.

He called on the upcoming youths from the ‘Wawa’ Nation to re-embrace the pride in their origin and celebrate to stardom whom they truly are.

For Reverend Awonge’s blast CHAT with ‘Wawa’ Tv Stay with ‘Wawa’

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