Trump’s Ambassador To The United Nations Nikki Haley resigns

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Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations abruptly resigned from her position this morning, report said.

President Donald Trump announced the departure from the Oval Office. Her resignation will take effect in December. 

While announcing her resignation, Trump said she “has been very special to me” and “is a fantastic person” who has done exemplary work.

He added that “she’s done a fantastic job, and we’ve done a fantastic job together. He went on to cite the progress toward a nuclear deal with North Korea then said, “we’re all happy for you in one way, but we hate to lose [you].”

He said that hopefully, she would return in another capacity, telling her she could have her pick of jobs if she wants to come back. 

Haley has been considered a rising star within the Republican Party and a leading candidate for president in 2020, if Trump decides not to run for reelection. But she put those rumours to rest on Tuesday in a joint appearance with Trump, where she said she would be campaigning for Trump in 2020. 

She said:

No I’m not running for 2020. I look forward to supporting the president in the next election.

She added:

For all of you that are going to ask about 2020, no, I am not running for 2020. I can promise you what I’ll be doing is campaigning for this one. So I look forward to supporting the president in the next election.

She said her family has been very supportive of her career and there are “no personal reasons” for her departure other than a belief that public servants should be term-limited and recognize when it’s time to leave.

Nikki Haley resigns as Trump

Haley spoke glowingly of the president and his family, including son-in-law Jared Kushner and the president’s elder daughter Ivanka Trump, saying:

Jared is such a hidden genius that no one understands. And Ivanka has been such a great friend.

She said the couple that volunteers their time at the White House in unpaid senior adviser positions “do a lot of things behind the scenes that I wish more people knew about.”

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