Was Tinubu Spitting Facts In That Video?

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Okay, so if you’ve not seen Tinubu’s message to the Edo voters, find it here:

Still didn’t watch it? Here’s a quick summary:

Tinubu says Edo people should reject Godwin Obaseki in Edo’s Governorship election Tinubu says he has suffered with many others to bring about democracy in Nigeria Tinubu says Obaseki can’t understand the values and pains of democracy since he didn’t participate in any democratic struggle Tinubu speaks on the political happenings with the Edo State Legislature, says Obaseki is a dictator.

Now, we have a few questions:

Why is Tinubu very interested in the Edo election?
Is it only people who were in this democratic struggle that can understand the importance of democracy? Didn’t Oshiomole, who is from Tinubu’s party, participate in democratic struggles? Is he particularly a defender of democracy? Is Tinubu even a defender of democracy?
What plans and policies does Tinubu’s candidate have to better the lives of Edo citizens? How will he actualise them?

Long and Short

The Edo State election is this Saturday. Expect many more hot takes and gbas gbos from politicians. Meanwhile, get ready to vote if you’re a citizen of the state and you actually can. The next few days will be… interesting. Or chaotic?

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